Unleash the Power of Your Data

Your company’s most valuable asset is its data — but most organizations fail to utilize their data to its fullest potential.

Calexus Solutions, the world’s first true analytic agency, finally brings marketing into the 21st century. Our mission is to optimize the impact of every dollar your organization spends across e-mail, digital, and direct marketing campaigns. Agencies today say they use data as a key consideration in campaign structuring and strategy, but these promises have yet to truly materialize. At Calexus Solutions, however, we use data-driven strategies forged by predictive models to help clients to build brand awareness, cut campaign costs, and increase profitability by multimillion-dollar margins in novel and exciting ways.

Specifically, Calexus provides data-driven process optimization in the following areas:

  • Acquisition of the most profitable long-term customers;
  • Cross-selling across companies’ product lines;
  • Upgrading prospects based on purchasing potential;
  • Identifying at-risk customers for targeted communications to increase retention;
  • Recapturing lost customers cost-effectively.

“Top-performing companies are three times more likely than lower performers to be sophisticated users of analytics, and are two times more likely to say that their analytics use is a competitive differentiator.”

– MIT Sloan Management Review

We enhance brand- and company-specific data with external data obtained from all corners of the Internet, as well as with new variables generated through our proprietary AI-driven predictive modeling.

Calexus separates itself from other marketing agencies through its optimized ability to extract significant insights from brand and external data that drive crucial marketing decisions. We analyze these troves of data using machine learning technologies designed and built in-house as well as through multiple statistical tools.

Our brand-centric analyses produce actionable predictions, segmentations, and pattern recognitions which allow marketers and advertisers to target demographics with efficiency and pinpoint accuracy that was previously the stuff of dreams.

“On a smarter planet, answers are hidden in the data (…) The new science of analytics must be core to every leader’s thinking. Because while data is growing exponentially today in volume and complexity, time is not.”


Our Services

From e-mail to direct marketing, and from digital advertising to data consulting, Calexus is proud and ready to address your business’s needs. Our list of services is far from exhaustive, and we are always eager to expand the scope of our analytic applications. If your desired service is not listed on our site, please contact us directly to discuss what we can do for your company.

What Makes Us Different

Our Focus

All the actions we take, whether they be by e-mail, direct marketing, or digital marketing, are driven by artificial intelligence and information optimization. In short, Calexus Solutions is driven by data – the hard numbers.

Our Leadership

Calexus Solutions is led by Doug Newell, the founder of seven successful entrepreneurial ventures and an analytic innovator with over 30 years of consulting and analytic experience.

Our Technology

We employ proprietary second generation artificial intelligence (“AI”) technologies that are optimized for large data sources.

Our Speed

Our technology, developed and maintained by seasoned professionals of the analytics space, allows for rapid model development and data processing – allowing our clients to optimize their marketing strategies more quickly and maximize profitability. With these powerful tools at its disposal, Calexus can do more in a day than many data analysts can accomplish in a month.