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Let’s begin with a story. No Calexus client is typical, and all our clients are anything but ordinary, but for a start, here’s how our basic process looks:

1. Pre-Campaign Data Creation, Cleaning, and Enhancement

At Calexus Solutions, it all begins with your data. Your data will drive the actionable conclusions we generate for your company, which will in turn drive significant, measured-by-metrics growth across multiple variables. Every organization has “dirty data”, and many of our clients come to us reluctant to use their data because they feel it is inherently compromised. Making data utile – and optimizing it far past basic utility – is part and parcel of a regular work day at Calexus Solutions. It matters not how duplicate-filled or otherwise poorly-organized your data may be – Calexus Solutions will unlock its value for you and your business!

At the start of our relationship with clients, we typically perform the following processes:

  • Data cleaning: scrubbing input lists of duplicate, erroneous, and faulty values to ensure best-in-quality analytical output;
  • Pinning: i.e., the creation of linkages and data consolidations using advanced hashing techniques;
  • Variable creation (combinations, interactions, time series, etc.);
  • Internet scraping;
  • Text mining.

2. Marketing Databases

Prospect Universes

Knowing your potential customers, current customers, lapsed customers, and other target groups is important for any marketing operation, but particularly crucial for companies seeking to jump-start their customer acquisition process. Calexus Solutions’ prospect universes account for everyone who could be a potential customer of your company, sorted by:

  • Likelihood of engagement;
  • Profit potential value;
  • Optimal marketing path;
  • Other variables as determined by/on behalf of our clients.

With a client’s data thoroughly cleaned, optimized, organized, and stored in a prospect universe, Calexus can now embark on integrating that client’s prospect universe(s) into a comprehensive marketing database that includes everyone who has ever been a customer or an active lead for the company based on:

  • Transactions;
  • Demographics (B2C) / Firmagraphics (B2B);
  • Marketing histories;
  • Scores from data-based prediction models.

3. AI-Centric Analytics

Embedded AI-Based Analytics, Real-Time Scoring, and Translation of Findings

Once the data have been cleaned, enhanced, and integrated into your marketing database, Calexus can work its real magic on those mountains of binary gold. Using Calexus-designed second-generation artificial intelligence (“AI”), we have the capability to score up to 2 billion records per day in a real-time environment. Additionally, we can process streams from embedded data feeds tied to your website as well as your e-mail and digital marketing campaigns in real-time. Calexus-built predictive models are automatically updated and model accuracy is constantly tracked. What could your company accomplish with analytic power of our magnitude?

With our expertise and technical capabilities, we can:

Marketing Consulting

Once our AI-based predictive models have finished their calculations on the data within your marketing database, Calexus Solutions translates the analytic results into clear, understandable, ROI-based marketing recommendations.

Among other organizations, Calexus Solutions has provided marketing consulting services to firms such as Microsoft, American Express, Chase, and GE Healthcare, and now eagerly awaits the opportunity to meet your data analysis and campaign deployment needs.

4. Campaign Design and Execution

Direct Marketing

Calexus Solutions collectively brings decades of direct marketing experience and leadership to the table with every single client. Our direct marketing can quickly and easily reach any address in the continental United States, and our proprietary AI-derived prospect targeting allows clients to drastically cut costs by eliminating unneeded spending on materials and shipping.

E-Mail Marketing

Calexus Solutions is readily capable of sending hundreds of thousands of targeted e-mails on clients’ behalf each week. As with our direct marketing capabilities, Calexus uses AI-based prospect targeting to drive down cost per e-mail and drive-up gross margin per e-mail. Previous Calexus-managed e-mail campaigns have generated as much as $250,000 in additional revenue in their first three months alone – what could your business finance with that additional cash?

Digital Marketing

Our data-derived insights ensure that your message gets in front of more of your web-browsing prospects and current customers while our data-sculpted creative content ensures that what you communicate is backed by science as the most effective message possible.

5. Reporting and Feedback Loops

Now that you have been through Calexus Solutions’ data-driven and data-optimized marketing process, the procedure begins anew with enhancing the data that has been aggregated from your most recent campaign(s) deployed through us. With this new information, we reconfigure our predictive models so that we are better able to isolate your top prospects, identify priority advertising placement, reduce unneeded expenditures on materials and shipping, and more. The more comprehensive campaigns your company deploys through Calexus Solutions, the better and more all-encompassing your data becomes. As the relationship between Calexus and our clients continually strengthens, so does the value that they reap from the data we optimize and analyze.

Calexus transforms data-driven marketing from a one-off project to a permanent, real-time process that pays dividends. Contact us today!

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