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The companies Calexus Solutions has optimized through data-driven insights range in size from small firms to Fortune 500 companies, and hale from the retail, finance, healthcare, and Internet spaces, to name a few. Calexus boasts ample experience working in both B2B and B2C marketing, and can flexibly deploy its services on behalf of practically any company within mere hours.

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A Fortune 500 Insurer

Real Estate Investors Nationwide

A Major Commodities Exchange

An E-Health Startup

An Online College

A Health Management Business

A Machinery Manufacturer

A Hair Salon Chain

An Insurance E-Marketplace

What our clients are saying

Calexus is smart and easy to work with. They helped us identify which 50% of our customers were not profitable. More importantly, their real-time modeling capabilities allowed us to modify our business model and significantly increase the percent of online and lead traffic we monetized by 10x.

– Vernon Tirey, CMO,

Calexus has been an invaluable business partner for Agency 180 since day one. Their deep analytics skill set and reliable delivery enable us to take our clients’ marketing and customer insight to the next level.

– Paul Costello, President, Agency 180

I have worked with Doug Newell for over 20 years. His team at Calexus Solutions is among the best he has ever assembled. They are all smart, skilled and client-friendly. They translate complex analytics into easy to understand presentations and visualizations.

– 30-Year CRM Veteran

My firm has worked with Calexus for almost three years. They have earned their stripes through dozens of analyses and provided us with actionable facts and on target strategic and tactical recommendations. They have changed the way we do business.

– CRM Executive, Major Retail Chain

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