Big Data + AI-Based Analytics + Decades of Direct Marketing Experience + Superlative Campaign Deployment Capabilities = Optimized Campaign Success

Calexus unlocks the power of your company’s data, finding trends and relationships that no one else can. Using our proprietary technology, we can:

  • explore price data across the Internet and determine the optimal pricing for products or services;
  • identify untapped markets by evaluating demographic data;
  • optimize campaigns by analyzing marketing data;
  • And more.

Big Data

As a firm that has successfully analyzed almost 15 terabytes of Medicare claims data among other feats to reveal hidden value, we feel confident in saying that no dataset is too large, unclean, or unwieldy for our team, and we do whatever is necessary to ensure that your company gets the greatest returns out of our analyses: Before unleashing the power of your proprietary data, we fundamentally optimize it by filtering out common errors and then overlay external data to validate what was already there.

Calexus Solutions’ data sources include:

  • Internal client data (Calexus-cleaned, -linked and -organized);
  • Commercially-compiled data (e.g., D&B, Experian, Equifax, U.S. Census);
  • Text data;
  • Geographic data at the micro level;
  • Internet-scraped data; and
  • Industry-specific sourced data.

Only AI-based analytics allows for these data to be thoroughly searched to answer your business’s critical questions.

Artificial Intelligence-based Analytics

There are subtleties stored away in big data that are essentially impossible to detect using conventional methods. Luckily, Calexus Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) allows the analysis of more data and more kinds of data so that we can create thousands – sometimes millions – of derived data elements to help uncover the secret treasures that lie beneath the surface. Calexus even mines and analyzes text data – which, for example, can be collected as recorded statements to telemarketers or as domains from e-mail addresses – and builds the results from such analyses into models that foster more effective prospect screening and targeting. Textual and other forms of data are examined from more perspectives to yield more accurate and more actionable findings, which provide more profitable results faster. Whereas such results used to take weeks to achieve, Calexus can use its AI-based analytic capabilities to accomplish all this and more in a matter of hours.

Calexus then utilizes AI to precisely target the recipient of each and every message delivered on behalf of brands. Prospects, current customers, and other target groups never receive mail or e-mails, or see targeted digital advertising unless our AI determines that they are the optimal target for a client’s campaign.

Our machine-learning analytic technology is optimized for datasets of all size and enables ultra-rapid model development and integration – meaning quicker data-derived insights for your company and quicker enactment of those insights to drive profit growth.

Decades of Direct Marketing Experience

Calexus Solutions is steered by industry professionals with years of practical knowledge. The truths we have learned through numerous successes on the marketing battlefield can now be optimized by processing your company’s data with our AI technology. As we see it, not only can you teach old dogs new tricks, but the new tricks make the old tricks more effective, efficient, timely, and – most importantly – more profitable.

Superlative Campaign Deployment Capabilities

Calexus Solutions possesses not only the means to derive fundamentally disruptive conclusions from your firm’s data, but also to mobilize the strategies shaped by these analysis-driven conclusions.

  • Rapid turnaround on predictive modeling leaves us ready-capable of deploying hundreds of thousands of e-mails at short notice to prospects targeted on basis of likeliness to open and likeliness to take action;
  • Strong relationships with commercial printers allow us to easily meet the material demands of your business’s direct marketing campaigns while eliminating unnecessary expenditures;
  • Intimate knowledge of visibility optimization in the digital advertising space empowers us to promote your company’s products and services in all corners of the Internet – especially those that may still be unutilized by your competition.