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Case Study: An Insurance E-Commerce Marketplace

At the height of the dot-com boom in early 2000, many Internet-oriented companies offered groundbreaking ideas and solutions for an increasingly-online world. Unfortunately, many of these same visionary businesses suffered systemically from substandard process implementation. One such startup, an insurance e-commerce marketplace, promised customers an opportunity to compare and contrast policies online to find the one perfect for them, but had burned through over $100 million in invested capital without generating return and was in desperate need of new leadership. While a new CEO set to work streamlining processes and steering the enterprise towards long-sought cash positivity, Calexus Solutions set to work optimizing this client’s online customer acquisition process. Over 18 months, Calexus utilized data collected from every click in the site (and their associated time stamps), every response in its online policy-finder questionnaire, and every prospective customer that failed to convert to an active customer. Calexus used these masses of data to dramatically expand the client’s customer funnel and drive double-digit increases in revenue.

Pre-Campaign Data Creation, Cleaning, and Enhancement

Marketing Databases

AI-Centric Analytics

Campaign Design and Execution

Reporting and Feedback Loops

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