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Case Study: An E-Health Startup

The intersection of medicine and technology – and, by extension, of medicine and data – provides today’s health-minded citizens with unparalleled opportunities to understand the workings of their bodies. Armed with this knowledge, they can achieve holistic wellbeing with relative ease and efficiency in ways previously unfathomable. Calexus Solutions is proud to have mobilized its analytic and predictive prowess on behalf of healthy living through its work with one digital health startup that offers custom-designed, user-centric weight loss programs. This startup’s programs are dependent upon active and consistent user participation, and Calexus continues to analyze their data to yield insights on how to maintain and increase user participation rates.

Pre-Campaign Data Creation, Cleaning, and Enhancement

AI-Centric Analytics

Embedded AI-Based Analytics, Real-Time Scoring, and Translation of Findings

Marketing Consulting

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