Pre-Campaign Data Creation, Cleaning and Enhancement

  • Cleaned, standardized, and filtered web logs: removed requests that were unlikely to come from actual users’ IP range;
  • Cleaned, standardized, and filtered e-mail logs:
    • Files containing information on client’s e-mail bounce, click, open, non-open, and unsubscribe rates combined into comprehensive file;
    • E-mail address domains appended and clicked URLs split into their component parts for easier processing and analysis;
  • Scrubbed client’s files further using pinning, CASS, NCOA, and geocoding processes;
  • Appended OSHA data and firmographic data on basis of industry code, employees, and sales to gain insights into equipment usage.

Marketing Databases

  • Compiled prospect lists based upon current customer profiles.

AI-Centric Analytics

Embedded AI-Based Analytics, Real-Time Scoring, and Translation of Findings

  • Pinpointed both fulfillment and marketing channels;
  • Summarized datasets to identify successful campaigns and orders;
  • Identified popular item baskets in dollar amounts and customer counts;
  • Isolated individual items and groups of items likely to be purchased after an initial order;
  • Calculated dealer performance in terms of close rate, order size, and order count over time across different product categories;
  • Created multiple maps to visualize various metrics including:
    • New account indices;
    • Five-year revenue per capita by state;
    • Active customers and revenue by state;
    • Quote conversion by state;
    • Total revenue by state;
  • Constructed quote close, up-sell, and cross-sell models for equipment sales; 39.7 million Calexus-built models tested before most accurate models presented to client and integrated into existing analytic infrastructure.

Marketing Consulting

  • Compiled reports based upon direct and wholesale channels; data-generated insights graphically presented as:
    • Purchase correlation matrices;
    • Quote-and-order summaries;
    • Dealer statistics tables;
    • End-user multi-purchase tables;
  • Developed strategies for increasing wholesale volume.