Pre-Campaign Data Creation, Cleaning, and Enhancement

  • Cleaned and enhanced data in POS (point of sale) database using data from multiple external sources.

Marketing Databases

  • Compiled potential employee universe, then enhanced it with external data sources and added predictive variables indicating likelihood of recruitment and expected added value to the organization for each potential new employee;
  • Maintained POS database containing all transactions and customer data.

AI-Centric Analytics

Embedded AI-Based Analytics, Real-Time Scoring, and Translation of Findings

  • Constantly applied analytic procedures to company’s data to reveal previously hidden insights;
  • Constructed growth model predicting year-over-year sales at individual salon level.

Marketing Consulting

  • Developed summary-level file used by client and other vendors to execute marketing campaigns and analysis.

Campaign Design and Execution

E-Mail Marketing

  • Designed and implemented custom e-mail campaign strategy;
  • Pulled targeted e-mail lists and executed contests/sweepstakes.

Reporting and Feedback Loops

  • Provided weekly and monthly reporting on multiple variables and areas of interest, including:
    • Marketing campaign incremental value analysis;
    • Purchase trend analysis;
    • Customer churn analysis;
    • Grand opening analysis;
    • Price-sensitivity analysis;
    • Customer profile analysis;
    • E-mail file growth and health analysis;
    • RFM segmentation.