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Doug Newell

Founder, Managing Director

Doug is a successful serial entrepreneur with over 33 years of experience leading major analytic and systems integration efforts. Doug has been recognized as an innovator in the world of analytics and a pioneer in the application of machine learning technologies and imbedded analytics. He and his teams have provided novel solutions to challenges in marketing, healthcare, site selection, risk management, fraud detection, and asset valuation.

Prior to founding Calexus, Doug founded Genalytics, Inc. (now Semcasting), whose core genetic-algorithm-based data-mining software has been licensed by most major US financial services organizations and is now being applied to healthcare analytics as well.

When he’s not helping clients, Doug can often be found walking his Russian Wolfhounds through the mountains of western North Carolina.

Dan Koehler

Technology Field Marshal

Dan Koehler is Chief Technology Officer at Calexus Solutions. He is proficient in AI, SQL, C#, and is a talented aggregator of datasets that support model building.

Dan worked as a software engineer, provided technology consulting, and co-founded a successful direct marketing business before joining Calexus Solutions. In the past 22 years he has developed many innovative products and high-performance data processing systems. He has received many awards in his career, including the highest company award, the Summit, from Hughes Data Systems for his ground-breaking work in decision support systems.   

Dan earned a bachelor’s with distinction in computer science and engineering from the University of Nebraska in Lincoln. At the university he did research in satellite imagery and co-authored several published papers.  His research was funded by both the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the National Science Foundation (NSF).  He holds a certificate in Systems Engineering from Purdue University where he also taught as an adjunct professor.  He holds several other certifications in programming, database management, and analytics.

Liz Hodges

Creative/Marketing Advisor

Liz is a veteran marketing executive with rich experience in strategic planning, brand positioning, product development, big data analytics, and digital and social media marketing. Her wide array of knowledge has allowed her to uncover and capitalize on consumer insights, drive revenue growth, and ensure business agility for organizations large and small for over two decades.

Liz has served in executive director-level marketing and customer experience positions for over fifteen years. She prides herself on her ability to optimize guest relations and marketing across all channels for clients ranging from the largest family-owned and -operated chain of hair salons in the United States to major women’s clothing and accessories retailers.”

Russell Walker


Russell Walker, Ph.D. is a recognized expert in analytics and risk management. He is Director of Experiential Learning in Analytics and Associate Professor of Teaching at the Foster School of Business at the University of Washington. He was previously Clinical Professor at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. He teaches and has developed novel courses in risk management, marketing analytics and on strategies in globalization. Dr. Walker received the Kellogg Impact Award, given by his students for excellence and influence in teaching.

His most recent book, “From Big Data to Big Profits: Success with Data and Analytics” (Oxford University Press), in which Dr. Walker explores how firms can best monetize Big Data, received the prestigious Silver Business Technology Book award from Axiom Books. In his award-winning title, “Winning with Risk Management,” he makes the case for companies succeeding on the basis of risk management, much as companies compete on efficiency, costs, labor, location, and other dimensions. Dr. Walker authored the chapter Operational Risk in Insurance, as part of the text “Risk Management for Financial Institutions.”  He has authored numerous popular business case studies supporting this theory, many of which have been recognized for excellence by the Aspen Institute, Harvard Business Review Press, the World Bank, the SEC, and the Bank of England, among others.

He has advised leading organizations internationally on risk management and analytics, including: the U.S. Department of State, the World Bank, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the US Federal Reserve Banking System, the Bank of England, International Finance Corporation, Microsoft, CME Group, John Deere, Teradata, Discover Financial, USAA, IBM, State Farm, and many other leading firms.

He has led and supported various initiatives for Hispanic entrepreneurs and has worked with U.S. senators on U.S. Latino matters. He currently advises the Cuba Study Group, a nonpartisan group dedicated to enabling prosperity in Cuba.

More on his work can be found at and at his popular and award-winning blog

Dr. Walker holds an MS and Ph.D. from Cornell University, and an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and a BS from the University of South Florida.

Krista Hoffler

Creative Advisor

Krista has been a designer for more than 12 years and boasts extensive experience working with beauty, retail, and healthcare companies, as well as non-profits, to create cohesive brand identities and marketing campaigns. She has worked with ad agencies, in-house teams, and on her own as a freelancer. Krista lends her creative talents and e-mail marketing experience to Calexus’ clients to maximize the impact of e-mail messaging on their target customers.  

Krista is a proud Hampton University alumna and prides herself on her epic work ethic and creative problem solving skills. In her spare time, she enjoys freelancing to help small businesses build their brands.

Jerzy Kessler

Vice President of Client Relations

Jerzy has worked for over 8 years in the retail analytics space. Leveraging SAS, Tableau, and other analytic tools, he has hands-on experience with everything from database structuring and integration to advanced analytics. Working primarily with a service-based retailer, his work informs a diverse range of divisions including CRM, Finance, and IT.

Jerzy enjoys cryptocurrency trading, golf, and basketball in his spare time.

Lucas Newell

Senior Data Analyst

Lucas is Calexus’ go-to analyst for data manipulation, analysis, and presentation. He enjoys working directly with clients to identify and deliver solutions to meet their needs. Lucas has over five years of experience in data science and AI-centric applications, and his skills include SAS, Tableau, and Power BI. 

When he’s not busy analyzing large data sets, he spends his time composing music and visiting the many local music venues of Austin, Texas. He recently completed a course in artificial intelligence taught by faculty at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Tu Nguyen

Data Analyst

Tu is a skilled problem solver with experience in both common analytic and machine-learning techniques. Utilizing SAS, Power BI, and Python, he has worked with companies ranging from Fortune 500 insurance groups to major retail chains. Tu received his B.S. in Actuarial Science with honors from Bentley University in 2018.

Tu usually spends his free time walking in the woods or analyzing gaming data he’s collected with his friends.

Reid Gaede

Marketing Analyst

Reid coordinates Calexus Solutions’ marketing activities. In particular, he identifies and vets possible leads for Calexus’ services as well as formulates communication to various industries about the firm’s analytic capabilities. Reid is a 2019 graduate (Cum Laude) of Washington and Lee University and a 2019-20 Fulbright Scholarship recipient.

In the time where he is not helping to find Calexus’ next client, Reid enjoys acquainting himself with the analytic tools his colleagues use daily, as well as running, kayaking, and reading biographies on figures of historical importance.

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