Health Care


Our technology is ideal for real-time evaluation of internet visitors. Calexus has created predictive models for real-time scoring to increase the effectiveness of internet advertising and to present the optimal product offerings to turn visitors into profitable customers. Models and analyses have included the following:
  • Real-time evaluation of leads
  • Embedded analytics
  • Propensity to click/convert
  • Value of a click/conversion
  • Customer/visitor cluster analysis and profiling
  • Filling in data gaps (Age, Gender, Purchase Behavior)
  • Lookalike Models to Increase the population of a retargeting campaign
  • Product propensity indexing
  • Paid Search Optimization

Health Care

Calexus analyzes health data and makes predictions related to health events. Calexus uses compiled and summarized data in order to comply with HIPAA.
  • Disease propensity
    • Diabetes
    • Diabetic Co-morbidities
    • Hip replacement
  • Customer Cluster analysis
  • Compliance Likelihood
  • Acute vs. Preventative Care Likelihood


The Calexus team has applied advanced analytic methods to the financial sector.
  • Predict Commodity Market Activity
  • Predict Volatility of Futures
  • Hedge Fund Analyses
  • Asset valuation through the analysis of Internet data
  • Fraud detection
  • Customer asset estimation
  • Predicting disintermediation


Calexus has experience working with a variety of companies in the B2C space, from those selling $4 magazine subscriptions to those selling expensive yachts. Examples of analyses we have performed for these clients include the following:
  • Customer Profiles
    • Geographic Trade Area
    • Demographic Analysis
    • Behavior Analysis
    • Customer Segmentation
  • Predictive Modeling
    • Customer Look-alike Models for Acquisition Targeting
    • Subscriber Renewal
    • Expiration Reactivation
    • Price Sensitivity


At Calexus, we understand the challenges of marketing to businesses: communicating to the decision-maker is key, predictions and results measurement must be flexible, and economic cycles may have a large impact. Some of the analyses we have performed for our B2B customers include the following:
  • Customer Analysis
    • Lifecycle Analysis
    • Retention Analysis
    • Industry Analysis
    • Geographic Analysis
  • Customer Look-alike Models for Acquisition Targeting
    • Marketing Program Response (Call Center, Direct Mail, Marketing Mix)
    • Decision Maker Identification
  • Customer Growth Models
    • Retention
    • Profitability
    • Future Purchase Behavior


Calexus uses advanced analytics to customize solutions that meet the unique needs of retail organizations. Our state-of-the-art technology has been successfully applied to virtually every retail department, including marketing, operations, finance, and human resources. Below are a just a few examples of services that Calexus has offered in the past:
  • Marketing Program Design and Analysis
    • Customer and Acquisition Targeting
    • Campaign Performance Analysis
    • Competitive Landscape Analysis
  • Customer Segmentation
    • Top Buyer Analysis
    • New Client Analysis
    • Demographic Clusters
  • Capacity Utilization Analysis
  • Promotion Design/Discount Optimization
  • Customer Behavior Trends and Analysis
    • Loyalty Program Response and Spending Analysis
    • Market Basket Analysis
    • Service-Mix Analysis
    • Lifetime Value Assessment
  • Retail Site Location Planning
  • Remodel Analysis
  • Labor Scheduling Optimization
  • Risk Assessment
  • Loss Prevention/Fraud Analysis



Although we specialize in big data and have listed specific industries here, we work with clients of any size in any industry. Hover your mouse over the links above to explore how Calexus has helped customers in a variety of fields.